Hot melt adhesives for Interior

HmPur interior adhesives are suitable for laminating materials such as wood and wood derivative products such as MDF, chipboard and more. Before application, the adhesives are melted with special melters, and can be applied to substrates in combination with decorative papers, veneers, CPL, thermoplastic films and HPL by use of special heated rollers or slot nozzles. Suitable for the production of kitchens, furniture, flooring and furnishing elements. Today also widely used for the assembly of sandwich panels suitable for vehicles, ship furnishings, constructions. This HmPur has a dual function: once applied, the adhesive will cool down, guaranteeing physical bonding to the materials; subsequently, thanks to the humidity in the air, it will complete the second process, that is the chemical one, where the glue will consolidate permanently between the materials. Hmpurs not only guarantee the bonding of materials but also give the final product resistance to agents that could damage the finished product, providing a barrier against moisture and liquid elements that could penetrate. The advantages are many, the PUR hot melts are 100% solid and are solvent-free, they are resistant to water or vapours as we said before, they allow high productivity thanks to its fast setting time, we can use it on various substrates and to various decors such as PVC or veneers and moreover, they can compensate the surface of the substrate which can sometimes be uneven. Taka offers not only a wide range of products for surfaces, but also a wide range of HmPur-based products for edgebanding.