Hot melt adhesives for Furniture

Today, HmPur adhesives are increasingly used for the finishing of wood-based surfaces with the use of veneers, PVC, paper, CPL and HPL used in the furniture industry. These are able to make structures more aesthetic, lightweight and resistant over time, with a focus on the sustainability of your components. Among the many applications we can find it in the use of honeycombs inside doors and components that would otherwise be too heavy. In the assembly of sandwich panels, widely used in the building industry for the creation of structures or for insulation, including, for example, panels for tables and doors or roofs, used as insulation or decorative elements. Today also widely used in the flooring sector for laminating various substrates to the last contact surface. For the production of furniture , kitchens and panels finished with a variety of laminating materials. As for edgebanding, a very important element in furniture, its purpose is to complete the finish after their faces have been ennobled by lamination processes. With the use of HmPur adhesives, we guarantee excellent protection against humidity, vapours (present in large quantities in kitchen countertops) and a long-lasting seal. We can mainly find three types of edging, edging of linear and square surfaces, edging of curved and square surfaces, or edging of linear or curved shaped surfaces (soft forming), the last one being very present in kitchen tops.