Hot melt adhesives for Textile

The variety of materials that are laminated in the textile industry is among the widest, as is its end use, from the most common clothing fabrics to industrial textiles, pharmaceuticals and more. HmPur adhesives meet a wide range of adhesion to different materials even with minimal amounts of glue, such as when laminating delicate materials for sportswear using dot cylinders. These adhesives once laminated with materials will have to withstand processes such as washing or sterilisation and adapt to the different requirements of the customer and the market in which they work such as breathability, flame resistance or sound absorption. The methods by which we can apply PUR hot melt products are as follows: dot cylinder application system , nozzle systems , engraved cylinder system . Textiles for clothing are usually composed of two laminated layers, in addition to having to maintain an aesthetic appearance over time they must be comfortable and able to let the skin breathe. Even for sportswear, comfort and breathability are essential; thanks to transpiring PUR products, we are able to guarantee the escape of vapours from fabrics, guaranteeing the properties of the materials even after many washes. In workwear, various requirements must be satisfied depending on use, such as resistance to flame, water and repellent liquids. We can also range in home textiles made of different materials for bed covers, sofas and furniture. Cleaning fabrics where several layers are laminated to produce sponges or abrasive polishing discs, the adhesive must be able to withstand great mechanical stress and resist cleaning chemicals.