Hot melt adhesives for Adhesives for flooring

Main features

Two-layer, three-layer parquet flooring

Wood-based floor panels

Cork bonding

LVT flooring

Raised access floors

Adhesives for flooring

PUR hot-melt adhesives are often used for the production of multi-layer flooring, as they are a guarantee for durable and resistant products. Thanks to the wide adhesion spectrum, a wide variety of materials can be bonded, which means that there are no limits to the creative innovations of designers.

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Advantages of PUR hot-melt adhesives for the production of flooring

PUR adhesives can be processed continuously in the running process with modern industrial equipment, whereby bead application as well as full-surface application of the adhesive is possible. This eliminates standing times of the composite products in a static press, and the high initial adhesion of PUR hotmelt adhesives allows inline processing in the manufacturing process. After chemical cross-linking, floors with PUR bonding are characterised by high temperature and moisture resistance and are therefore particularly resistant to ageing.

PUR adhesives for parquet floors

Generally, a distinction is made between 2- and 3-layer parquet, which also differ in the manufacturing process. Whereas in the case of two-layer parquet a high-quality layer of wood is glued to wooden strips or wooden material boards by means of a bead-shaped adhesive application, in the case of three-layer parquet three layers of material are glued over the entire surface. TAKA has high-quality adhesives for all manufacturing processes in its range.

PUR adhesives for the production of floor boards

Just as with parquet flooring, floor boards such as laminate or melamine flooring are made from several layers of different materials. In most cases, boards made of wood-based materials form the basis on which photo-realistic decors are applied by means of foil lamination or printing processes. The top layer is formed by a transparent protective film, which is characterised by special scratch resistance as well as a multi-layered easy-care and anti-bacterial surface, which is lightfast even when exposed to strong UV rays. TAKA offers various PUR hotmelt adhesives for the production of flooring planks, which can be processed by roller application or slot nozzle application. These special adhesives are designed for all common manufacturing processes and their special product properties enable efficient and process-safe production.

Bonding cork for impact sound reduction

For particularly high-quality floors, additional layers of cork are glued to the top and bottom surfaces to reduce impact sound and other noises. In addition, cork stores heat in its air cells, which provides extra comfort in the living space. TAKA has developed a special adhesive that enables easy processing and long-lasting bonding of the cork layer to floors.

PUR adhesive for the production of LVT floor coverings

Vinyl flooring is a multi-layer resilient plastic covering that is supplied in tile-shaped covering pieces and laid out to cover the entire surface. The abbreviation “LVT” stands for “Luxury Vinyl Tiles”, which are available in a wide variety of tile, stone or wood designs. These are photo-technical reproductions of the materials applied to the decorative layers of the LVT floors using printing or embossing techniques, which is why LVT is also known as design flooring. Finally, a transparent wear layer is bonded, which guarantees the impact and scratch resistance of the floor covering. The use of PUR hot-melt adhesives for the production of LVT floor coverings is ideal because they are highly compatible with the material and remain elastic even after they have been cross-linked.

Adhesives for the production of raised access floors

Raised access floors are a special type of flooring that is used particularly often in commercial buildings, as it allows the installation of wiring and utilities. It consists of individual raised floor panels laid on a metal support structure. Thanks to their resistance to temperature, humidity and ageing, PUR hot-melt adhesives are preferably used in the production steps of the raised floor. The individual access flooring panels can consist of different materials that are glued together to form a composite panel or “sandwich panel”. As a rule, PUR adhesives are used in the roller application process, which allow full-surface bonding as well as the processing of honeycomb panels. Often, two-dimensional decorations are applied to the top side and a counteracting material is applied as a moisture barrier to the underside; PUR hot-melt adhesives are also used here. Finally, the open sides of the raised access floor panel with edges are glued. Taka has adhesives in its range that have been specially developed for edge banding and that reliably and permanently bond edge bands made of a wide range of materials and band thicknesses.