Hot melt adhesives for Exterior

HMPUR adhesives of the Exterior range are mainly used for the lamination of PVC and aluminium substrates in the window sector with special decors that will come into direct contact with the exterior. They must therefore have excellent resistance to weathering such as water, humidity and high temperature fluctuations. These HMPUR glues are supplied in a solid state to be melted and applied with special slot nozzle or heated roller system. Once applied, the reactive polyurethanes guarantee an initial bonding of a physical nature. As it cools down, the first bonding stage will take place, followed by the last one, the chemical one, where the adhesive will provide a solid and lasting bond between the substrate and the laminate. The HmPur adhesive not only guarantees excellent adhesion, but thanks to its nature it acts as a barrier against elements that could damage the material over time. Taka, as a pioneer in exterior laminating products, offers a wide range of products that are constantly being developed through in-house research and development. We seek ever more innovative solutions for our customers; this is made possible through the self-production of not available raw materials on the market, which allow us to give the finished product unique characteristics. This guarantees constant product replicability, excellent flexibility for our partners’ to their specific needs, and continuous development to improve the finished product. Our products have a high resistance to hydrolysis and are all RAL certified.
Regarding the preparation of the substrates before lamination the application of the primer is essential for successful bonding. We should take care once applied that the primer is spread evenly over the entire substrate and that it is completely dry before the bonding between the substrate and the foil.