Environmental Manifesto

Taka has always supported improvements to respect and enhance the environmental sustainability of its activities.
Non è mai unicamente il risparmio economico che governa le scelte Taka ma un cost-saving esteso a etiche e politiche più ampie del mero risparmio.

Energetic improvements in Taka

We have installed a 140Kw photovoltaic system at the Taka2 site, which has reduced the energy demand of this production unit from the grid by a third, as well as feeding renewable energy back into the grid to exchange the surplus produced.

In 2014, we equipped the Taka 1 facilities with a 140Kw photovoltaic system that halved the energy demand from the grid of this production unit, as well as feeding renewable energy back into the grid by exchanging the surplus produced.

We are equipping TAKA 3’s facilities with a 500Kw photovoltaic system, which is equivalent to 1/3 of energy consumption.

Our commitment

Since 2018, and still ongoing, we have signed all electricity contracts with the purchase of 100% electricity only from RECS-certified renewable sources.
When choosing waste disposal, we prefer plants close to our companies so as not to impact transport.

We also select plants that create batches for waste-to-energy, or for physical/chemical/biological purification, distillation for certain activities, sorting and revalorisation of waste, to reduce if not totally avoid landfilling.

To this end, we sort and differentiate our waste beyond the normal coding required, but also by sub-types, so that it can be more easily managed by our suppliers, performing further dedicated sorting and valorisation.

We prefer distillations of certain products for our production processes, not only to reduce costs but also for greater overall sustainability.

Towards the future

Currently there are no systems applicable to our layouts to further reduce gas consumption, however our plants are fully insulated, and for safety reasons, and of course to save energy resources, we are also designing new semi-automatic loading systems for certain raw materials to reduce the amount of metal packaging.

In addition, there is the whole part of continuous improvement of the facilities (working, instrumentation, laboratories, fume extraction, etc.)

Taka participated in and won a regional tender for the energy efficiency upgrading of the Taka3 flagship site, for a total of over 500 thousand euros invested in photovoltaic 500kw, total re-lamping of industrial lighting, replacement of office boilers with heat pumps and governed by home automation systems, and replacement of compressed air production systems; the cut in energy consumption estimated in the tender is over 50% compared to the historical situation.