Hot melt adhesives for Windows

Windows and doorframes are the opening elements attached to the frame by the use of hinges or special supports. As for windows and doors, frames are subdivided into internal frames (partition doors) and external frames (windows, shutters, security doors, etc.) and can be of different types (casement, sliding, vasistas, etc.) and of different materials (PVC, Aluminium, Wood). The profile wrapping market for the window sector is constantly growing, both in terms of volume and in terms of the materials used in PVC or aluminium . The decorative foils are also constantly changing, and we can find many different types on the market. This also leads to a wide selection of materials that can sometimes have different surface tensions. Coating speeds are becoming faster and faster, which is why we must have HmPur products that are always in step with the changes taking place in the market. We supply a wide range of products, for the most varied applications, from products used for complicated geometries and high laminating speeds to those with lower viscosities in the case of coating with thinner decors and more delicate materials with glue application at lower temperatures. For customers who requires warehouse spaces or who needs to process the profile in a short time after wrapping, we supply products with fast curing; the customer can work the materials already after 24 hours.
Our products are all certified according to RAL-GZ 716 in combination with our Voc free, Low voc or conventional solvent-based primers.