Hot melt adhesives for Foil lamination of glazing bead profiles

Main features

Glazing beads

High weather resistance

Reliable lamination process

Foil lamination of glazing bead profiles

Glazing beads are a part of the window sash. They are clamped into the sash after the glass panes have been inserted and securely fix the glazing in the desired position. They offer the advantage that in case of glass damage, the entire window does not have to be replaced, but only the glazing bead profile is removed to replace the glazing. In the finished window, the narrow glazing bead is not noticeable in the window sash and can only be seen through a narrow transition gap. Even though it is only a small component of the window, it must also meet the highest standards. In this respect, the lamination of glazing beads can harbour some difficulties that could impair the overall appearance of the window. The narrow and flexible profile bars must be guided in position throughout the lamination process to achieve flawless results. Like window profiles, they must be thoroughly primed and dried, and carefully laminated over the entire visible surface. Due to the small surface area, precise and clean work must be carried out to prevent the film from peeling off later or the PVC base material from showing through at the edge of the profile. TAKA-WPR have developed a special production process in the form of special equipment and adhesive systems that simplify and optimise the lamination of glazing beads to enable competitive production of this special profile. Ask us for more information about our lamination solutions.