TAKA offers high quality Hot Melt Polyurethane and polyester adhesives for interior (furniture) and exterior (windows) application and other industries such as bookbinding, caravan etc.

TAKA assures the integration of the complete production process from the raw material to the final product. Three modern advanced production units offer the best production capacity, perfect timing and highest quality.

The extensive knowledge of chemistry and system technologies allows us to create customized solutions.
Moreover, TAKA’s location in the North-East of Italy, a step away from the main ports, a crossroad for some of the most important trading routes, makes it a center of excellence of research and development, always available for its own clients.

Our headquarters


Via dell’Artigianato, 19/25
36064 Colceresa (VI) Italia


Via dell’Artigianato, 10/16
36064 Colceresa (VI) Italia


Via dell’Industria, 4
36060 Pianezze (VI) Italia


Via …….
……………… Italia