Hot melt adhesives for Bio-based PUR

Main features

Reduction of the C02 footprint in the production chain

Reduction in the use of fossil resources

Excellent adhesive properties

Content of bio-based materials tracked

In view of the 2030 targets

Selected and certified raw materials

Adhesives based on renewable raw materials

As part of its comprehensive sustainable growth strategy, TAKA has pursued intensive product development in order to develop highly efficient PUR hotmelt adhesives that are composed as far as possible of non-fossil, bio-based raw materials. In this way, TAKA is making an important contribution to the environment, as the strategic orientation of product development will also focus on the increased use of renewable resources in the future.

Self-imposed market requirements in the furniture industry

The demand for bio-based adhesives was triggered by a leading global furniture chain, which, as part of its material directive, presented all participating producers and suppliers of the group with concrete specifications as well as a detailed timetable for the introduction of bio-based adhesives. This plan envisages a minimum share of 20% renewable raw materials in the period from 2026 to 2030. Taka’s range of bio-based PUR adhesives already meets these targets, giving all users an environmental head start and the certainty of meeting the requirements by this year.

Bio-based raw materials for high-quality PUR adhesives

It is important that Taka only states the effective raw material content and does not rely on the “mass balance method”, which does not allow for very precise and sometimes misleading statements, so that the actual proportion of bio-based raw materials in the product is often lower than stated. It is equally important that the cultivation of the raw materials does not compete with food production and thus does not use arable land. All raw materials are certified in this respect to ensure an effective environmental benefit. To develop this new generation of “green” adhesives, it is not enough to simply replace conventional raw materials with bio-based resources, but TAKA has developed completely new formulations to obtain the best adhesive properties from the raw materials used.

TAKA’s new “810” product series

Since the greatest demand for bio-based adhesives is currently in furniture production, TAKA has initially developed products for applications in furniture production. Thus, “green” adhesives are already available for edge gluing and profile lamination of wooden profiles. However, we will extend this resource-saving technology to all bonding applications in order to give all adhesive users access to the advantages of bio-based PUR adhesives. TAKA has therefore created its own new product line. All bio-based adhesives can be recognised by the numerical code “810” in the product name.

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