Hot melt adhesives for Bio-based PUR

Main features

Reduction of the C02 footprint in the production chain

Reduction in the use of fossil resources

Excellent adhesive properties

Content of bio-based materials tracked

In view of the 2030 targets

Selected and certified raw materials

The new 810 product series from TAKA

The new 810 line, also called PUR bio-based, was created to meet the needs of the furniture industry, which is increasingly using adhesives for gluing edges and finishing wood panels and derivatives.

The aim is to extend this new technology to all the other adhesives lines produced by TAKA for both interior and exterior use in order to create a plan for sustainable growth at a global level, as called for by The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

New market requirements in the furniture industry

The development of new bio-based adhesives has been accelerated by the dissemination of a new standard developed by a well-known Swedish furniture chain present all over the world.

This requires all manufacturers and suppliers to use bio-based adhesives containing at least a 20% of renewable raw materials by 2026.

To date, TAKA’s range of bio-based PUR adhesives already meets these targets, offering all users an environmental benefit and the certainty of meeting these requirements.

An approach that goes beyond raw material replacement

TAKA is committed to selecting bio-based content (ASTM 6866 certified) only from suppliers who have the same goals of sustainable growth, as well as traceability and transparency of raw materials and products used.

In order to develop this new generation of green adhesives, it is not enough to replace conventional raw materials with bio-based resources, but new formulations are being researched and tested with a view to improving process efficiency and improving the adhesive property.

TAKA selects materials and processes of renewable origin that not only produce high-performance products, but also fit into a holistic view of environmental impact.

If you would like to know more

If you are interested in our bio-based adhesive solutions or would like more information, please contact us via the contact form and you will be recontacted by our experts.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that TAKA offers an Academy where you can carry out production trials, test product samples and conduct training courses for your employees.