Adhesive with excellent wettability with supports and edges

Viscosity at 140°

70.000 +/- 20.000 mPa.s

Open time (m.i)


Setting time (m.i)



3-6 days


MDF - Chipboard - Wood

Amount of glue

100-120 g/m²

Application temperature

130-150 °C


2 kg


The HmPur 3308.20L (micro emission) adhesive is designed for edge banding on straight MDF and chipboard panels with all types of plastic edging such as (ABS, PVC, PP, PS etc) that have been primerised. The adhesive is characterized by a high initial bond strength that allows subsequent inline processing and a high stability in the melter (up to 3-4 days). It has a long open time and good wettability with all types of substrates and edges. The main difference between this adhesive and the conventional 3308.20 is that the last one has a free monomer isocyanate content of less than 0.1%. It does not require any training related to isocyanate restrictions and is label-free.


Compared to other edging adhesives on the market, 3308.20 Me does not require high quantities at the time of application, which allows for a thinner and therefore less visible adhesive line.
Its coloring is natural ivory. This HmPur provides excellent edge sealing that allows for excellent heat and water resistance, habilitating the substrate to pass steam tests. The adhesive is ideal for the application by an application roller.