Low viscosity practical adhesive
TAKA PUR adhesive 2308.40

Viscosity at 140°

7.000 +/- 3.000 mPa.s

Open time (m.i)


Setting time (m.i)



3-5 Days


MDF - Chipboard - Wood

Amount of glue

25-40 g/m²

Application temperature

110-140 °C


2-18-180 kg

Also in the HMPUR section applicable with roll coater technology is 2308.40. This adhesive is recommended for laminating flat panels made of MDF, chipboard and wood with paper thin decor or plastic materials such as (PP, PET, PVC etc.). This adhesive is characterized by its excellent wettability, which allows excellent adhesion even on surfaces that are not perfectly even, a good open time that will also allow manual assembly of the finished product. It can be considered easy to apply even with low grammages, its melt rate is high, so the preparation of the product in the machine is short, avoiding long downtimes in the melting process.