Low viscosity adhesive
TAKA PUR Adhesive 2308.18

Viscosity at 140°

10000+/-5000 mPa.s

Open time (m.i)

90-100 sec

Setting time (m.i)



2-3 days


MDF - Chipboard - Wood

Amount of glue

40-60 g/m²

Application temperature

90-100 °C


2-20-200 kg

HMPur 2308.18 was developed for a production requirement related to the nature of certain plastic foils.

The finishing of exterior and interior panels with low thickness plastic foils (0.15 mm) could be damaged by too high temperature of the adhesive and especially by the too hot contact with the slot nozzle.
1308.18 can be applied at a temperature of 90-100 °C .
By using lower temperatures in the melter, tube and slot nozzle, the foil does not deform and therefore does not form creases, especially in the middle.
The adhesive is characterized by low viscosity and a long open time, which allows the adhesive to be applied at low panel temperatures (20-30°C).
Its special formulation ensures that panels intended for outdoor use have excellent weather resistance as required by RAL 716.


  • Low temperature application (90-100)
  • High wettability
  • Long open time
  • Versatile