Low viscosity adhesive
Adhesive PUR TAKA 2308.33

Viscosity at 140°

17500+/-7500 mPa.s

Open time (m.i)

5-7 minutes

Setting time (m.i)



3-5 Days


MDF - Chipboard - Wood

Amount of glue

70-90 g/m²

Application temperature

110-140 °C


2-20-200 kg


The adhesive HMPur 2308.33, has been formulated for the finishing of panels with the application of the glue either through the glue head (Slot Nozzle) or with a heated roller coater (Roll Coater). Due to its medium-low viscosity and long open time it has excellent wettability even on the most difficult MDF, chipboard and wood surfaces. Ideal for applications where the panel cannot be heated.


2308.33 allows the lamination of decorative foils of various kinds such as plastics (PET, PVC, PP), decorative papers with high-gloss decorative foils (high gloss), allows a high finish (always in combination with the preparation of the panel with appropriate sanding). Ideal for all customers who want to wrap the board with a product with excellent open time and excellent wettability.

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