The Academy was officially established in November 2016 with the aim of transferring information to the users of glues and plant optimisation.

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Why did we feel the need to create this Academy?

What we encountered in the market was the high demand for detailed and in-depth information in the entire gluing process. Hence the need to create a working group dedicated to the transfer of our technical know-how.
The WPR-TAKA Academy now offers various training modules, both standard and customised for the customer.

The standard modules are:

Company audit with production monitoring and preparation of a report to be presented to management with our observations for production improvement.
Operating procedures and data collection to monitor production
Training for line operators where all critical points of the line are explained and solutions proposed to get the process completely under control.
Advanced training for line managers and internal trainers

These are the standard modules that come from the many years of experience of WPR’s technicians for profile and panel wrapping machines both for the furniture industry, for profiles and panels, for exterior doors and windows, and for adhesives and primers.

Having an ideal product is not synonymous with optimal bonding; to have good adhesion and long-lasting resistance, you need to have an excellent knowledge of the materials involved in the process and the application parameters to be used to achieve an efficient result.

This is what our Academy has grasped over the years and turned into reality, offering customers a wide range of proposals to cover market demands.

We have dedicated in the reserved area, a series of supports such as FAQs, tutorials, articles, and publications that can help in solving problems or implement company knowledge.

In support of the Academy is an internal application laboratory that supports in testing, applications, new materials or new applications, dedicated to deepening the application process.

To clarify the mission of the ACADEMY well, quoting a sentence from (Bellavista 2016) where he explains the importance of the corporate Academy :

We can define the corporate Academy as the strategic heart of the Learning Organisation which develops and supports processes of change, ensures the alignment of values, strategies and people in the organisation, adapts and continuously grows the core competencies of the company and of the individuals who work for it and with it: its mission is to help improve and strengthen the competitive position of companies in the market, but it is also to introduce innovative discontinuities in the existing situation where necessary.

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