Hot melt adhesives for Bookbinding

In the system of a book, the bonding between pages and hardcover is done with an HmPur adhesive. This cover can be lined with paper or cloth, on which the title and various designs are printed. It is according to how the binding is done that the finished product is given greater aesthetic appearance, strength and robustness. The glues that were previously used for binding books were not able to give the book the characteristics that can be conferred today thanks to HmPur adhesives; they tended to lose flexibility and the sheets would detach from the cover over the years, making the life of the product much shorter than it is today. The advantages of using a Pur glue for binding are many, firstly they are less expensive than the traditional stitched section technique , the strength and flexibility they bring allows books to be opened completely without the inner pages coming off, and production times are significantly shorter. Once applied, the first role of these products will be to guarantee a high-strength physical bonding, while the second process will be the chemical one with the final consolidation between pages and cover. Our binding products are Micro Emission, for a matter of safety, greater material sustainability and according to today’s laws. The adhesives are supplied in a solid state, then melted with special melters and applied with nozzles.