Reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive
PUR adhesive TAKA 2308.38P

Viscosity at 140°

25000+/-5000 mPa.s

Open time (m.i)


Setting time (m.i)



2-3 Days


MDF - Chipboard - Wood

Amount of glue

70-90 g/m²

Application temperature

120-150 °C


2-20-200 kg

Quality and versatility

This reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive is highly valued for its great versatility in application. Its medium to long open time and excellent wettability permits to adhere strongly to various substrates from wood to its derivatives (chipboard and MDF). 2308.38P has great compatibility with the various decors used in the furniture-furniture industry such as paper of various thicknesses, plastic films (PET, PVC, PP, ABS) and veneer. 2308.38P is used in the wrapping of furniture-furniture panels and profiles.

Quality and versatility

Its medium to high initial bond strength allows it to adhere to almost all decors on the market even at high processing speeds. Thanks to its good open time, it allows high material removal even with low substrate temperatures of 30-35°C. The adhesive is applied with spreader heads (slot nozzle) Its good initial tack also allows postformed panels such as J-sash to be glued.

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