Hot melt adhesives for Foiling of "warm edge" spacer profiles

Main features

Highly insulating plastic material

Functional, non-decorative lamination

High resistance to temperature, moisture and water vapour

"Warm edge" spacer profile wrapping

Foiling of “warm edge” spacer profiles

Spacer profiles are used in multiple insulating glass windows. In addition to their mechanical function as spacers between the panes of glass, they are made of highly insulating plastic material that significantly reduces heat conduction between the interior and exterior and thus contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of the window. This is because the space between the panes is filled with an inert gas mixture and the foiled spacer profiles serve to seal the multi-pane glass in the form of a circumferential edge seal. These spacer profiles of the so-called warm edge are nowadays hollow profiles made of various plastic materials and filled with a desiccant to absorb any residual moisture in the space between the panes. To develop the insulating effect, they are laminated with a multi-layer special film. The filming of spacer profiles is a functional and not a decorative lamination, which accordingly places special demands on the adhesive used. PUR adhesives prove to be particularly suitable here, thanks to their high resistance to temperature, moisture and water vapour. TAKA has various special adhesives in its range that are used for the film lamination of spacer profiles. Likewise, WPR produces special machines and inline laminating systems for the film lamination of spacer profiles that meet all of our customers’ requirements for the production process.