Fast cross-linking adhesive
TAKA PUR Adhesive 1308.2RF

Viscosity at 140°

20.000 +/- 7.500 mPa.s

Open time (m.i)


Setting time (m.i)



1 Day


PVC - aluminum

Amount of glue

45-60 g/m²

Application temperature

120-140 °C


2-20-200 kg

Quality and versatility

1308.2RF is a Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive (HMPUR) that is highly valued by our customers in the wrapping of PVC and aluminum window profiles due to its good initial bond strength and low viscosity, which can adhere to all surfaces. The product is also used for all interior and exterior plastics such as fences, furniture, windowsills, and façade cladding panels.

1308.2RF is part of the ‘FAST’ version, guaranteeing fast cross-linking within 24 hours. The fast cross-linking allows window profiles to be processed (welded) within 24 hours. This feature is also highly appreciated in storage at low temperatures and humidity or in the need to ship profiles/panels within a short time after their lamination.

Durability and weather resistance

HMPUR 1308.2RF not only guarantees good machining, a very important feature for the success of the finished product, but also provides excellent outdoor resistance where temperature and humidity will work to put our glued joint in difficulty.

As we know, the finished product over time needs to maintain its original characteristics without being affected by UV rays, rain or climate conditions of any kind. This is why, thanks to our technical laboratory, we are able to test our products to verify their resistance over time according to the RAL 716 analysis methodology. The 1308.2RF is certified according to RAL 716.

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