Ecological adhesion promoter

Viscosity at 140°

Open time (m.i)

Setting time (m.i)



PVC - painted aluminum

Amount of glue

Application temperature


PVC profiles, due to their low surface energy, must be surface treated with primer (adhesion promoter) in order to be bonded.
Today, the market is moving towards an increasingly green future and with an eye on the ecosystem and the operators who use the products. Taka has developed a range of products that can meet these market demands.

One of the products in question is the WPN 3 primer. WPN3 does not contain any members of the ‘pyrrolidone’ family such as NEP/NOP. The advantage of using these new generation primers, called low VOC or VOC reduced, is that they give us the possibility of having an excellent priming of the profile without the use of large quantities of primers as in the traditional solvent-based primers that contain 100% VOC. In fact, 6-10 g/m2 is sufficient.

In the application of low quantities of primer such as WPN3 (6-10 g/m2), automatic primer dispensers are required, capable of precisely applying these base quantities. In this respect, WPR has developed automatic dosing systems capable of applying low quantities per m2. The WPN 3 primer contains high-boiling solvents that are slower to evaporate than conventional solvents, so it will be important to have a proper drying area and equipped with a sufficient number of hot-air heaters, depending on the processing speed, to remove the solvents well from the profiles.

The WPN 3 primer is non-flammable and is free of any hazard labels.

  • Excellent wettability with supports and edges
  • Long open time >5 m / min)
  • Excellent grip
  • Excellent resistance to vapor bonding

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