Viscosity at 140°

Open time (m.i)

Setting time (m.i)



Amount of glue

Application temperature



CLEANER BLU is used to clean HMPUR glue application equipment (melt, tube, glue head) whenever the plant stops for more than 3 days or each time the product is changed. The CLEANER BLU has been formulated to inhibit the reaction of the polyurethane hot melt adhesive when the plant is stopped, preventing the formation of cross-linked glue incrustations that would create anesthetic finishes during application. The blue coloring of the product allows to visualize the transition from adhesive to cleaner and vice versa.


CLEANER BLU is also used for sealing the slot nozzle during night and weekend stops. By applying a layer on the clearance, it prevents the adhesive getting in contact with air and cross-linking. It will be sufficient at the restart to purge the cleaner and some adhesive to start the lamination of the profiles/panels.

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