Voc free ecological adhesion promoter

Viscosity at 140°

Open time (m.i)

Setting time (m.i)



PVC - painted aluminum

Amount of glue

Application temperature


Primer WPN10 is part of the low environmental impact primer range. The WPN10 primer is classified as ‘VOC free’. This product, thanks to its solvent mixture, gives excellent preparation of the profile for bonding, especially in the case of PVC profiles that are more difficult to soak, using very small quantities compared to traditional solvent-based primers (6-10 g/m2).

The WPN 10 primer is suitable for PVC surfaces, but also for aluminum substrates painted with polyester or polyurethane resins that are indispensable for profiles intended for outdoor use. The WPN10 primer can be applied with the traditional felt system (always using automatic dosing systems) or with the Vacuum system. As with all primers classified as low VOC (volatile content or LOW VOC or VOC reduced), care must be taken when drying.

Even with this primer, it is important to use application systems with automatic dispensers that can guarantee the application of low quantities (6-10 g/m2). Also with the use of these low VOC primers. We need more space in application and drying compared to traditional low-solvent primers such as the 171-171M and 171AC series.

“VOC Free”

  • Rated “VOC free”
  • The first VOC free on the market
  • Excellent profile priming
  • Low primer consumption

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