Standard adhesion promoter based on methylene chloride

Viscosity at 140°

Open time (m.i)

Setting time (m.i)



PVC - painted aluminum

Amount of glue

Application temperature


Primer 171 is a low-solvent primer. Primer 171 is easy to use as it evaporates after application. It can also be applied with hand dispensers, as even excess primer will be easily removed during evaporation. Primer 171, being based on methylene chloride, has the advantage of being non-flammable, so the plants where it is applied do not require special equipment to protect them from flammability.

Anyway it is recommended to install air extraction systems to improve the quality of the working environment for the operators. Primer 171 is used in the presence of substrates that are difficult to bond or on aluminum painted with paint with very low porosity.

“The gold standard”

  • Excellent preparation of the surface for adhesion
  • Easy application
  • Fast drying
  • DCN base

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